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Invictus Medical (Spring 2010)

Invictus Medical was formed by a group of engineering and business students at The University of Texas at San Antonio in 2010. The students took first place in the UTSA Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship’s annual $100K competition with their neonatal cranial-support device. Their invention is essentially a gel-filled cap designed for premature infants. It protects their still-developing skulls and can help prevent plagiochephaly--or the shifting of cranial plates that can result in skull deformities and contribute to neurological problems.

Daniel Mendez, was one of the student founders and chief technology officer for Invictus at that time.

Invictus Medial has recently raised approximately $5 million in Series A funding and now is in the process of securing an additional $4.5 million in Series B funding with an approximate company valuation of $25MM. The funding will support the San Antonio-based medical device company’s commercialization of GELShield.

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